Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Short Post About Short Penis

You know what would really suck? Being a black man with a small penis. Can you imagine the constant looks of disappointment you would get every time you got down to business? You would always get an, "Oh. I was expecting something. . . well . . . different."

Out of all of the stereotypes out there, that is one that I think most black men could live with. Except for those few small-penised black men. I bet they hate that stereotype worse than they hate the use of the 'N' word.

This is what I was thinking about as my work day is coming to an end.

So ladies, next time you hook up with an underendowed black man, you look that small penis straight in the. . .um. . . eye. . . and say that you are not going to give into racism. You tell that penis that you are going to fight those vicious and harmful big-penis stereotypes.


dmbmeg said...

Why the hell were you thinking about giant black cocks at work?

dmbmeg said...

[anxiously awaiting TK's comment]

Manny said...

The question would be, when is he NOT thinking about giant black cocks? The answer? Never.

TFKoP said...

Maybe that's why he likes Barack Obama so much.

Garrett Reid said...

Meg that is dmb: I wasn't thinking about them until you e-mailed me telling me how you couldn't STOP thinking about gigantic black cocks all day long. I believe the exact words you used were "mouth watering."

Manny: Do you know how many times a day I get e-mails from DmbMeg talking about cocks? It's hard not to think about them all day.

Garrett Reid said...

TFkop: I would never judge a candidate by the size of his penis. Only the ball size matters when it comes to executive branch leaders.

dmbmeg said...

For all future matters regarding penises et. al, please refer to my middle finger.

Thank you,
The mgmt.

TK said...

I'd love to say that I'm shocked and dismayed at your thought process. Really, I would. But I'm not in the least.

I'm guessing the disappointment is similar to... say... when a girl (for some demented reason) wants to get busy with you and then discovers that you are actually thinking of giant black cocks.

dmbmeg said...

[high fives TK]

Garrett Reid said...

DmbMeg: How did you get to be "the management"? Once again, every thing has to be about you doesn't it? EVERYONE TURN AND LOOK AT MEG. SHE CRAVES ATTENTION (it's not the only thing she craves).

TK: I was going to say something insulting about things your wife might think about during the TK sexy making. However, I have too much sympathy for her to say anything negative. If your stories at home are anything like those stories on your blog, well then she is a trooper for listening to that every day.

dmbmeg said...

Right now I am craving pizza, so yes.

TK said...

I could fuck up some pizza right now.

So basically you're saying that what ends up in our blogs is indicative of our home lives?

Jesus wept... your girlfriend must be bored out of her fucking mind.

dmbmeg said...

now THAT TK--got you an "A"

mindy said...

In the eye?

I don't want a penis in my eye. Is that what you said? I think that's what you said. Anyway, no thanks.

The Ex said...

Oh, well, all solid points but I must say only YOU would think of this. I've never seen a giant black cock. Or a small one. I'm lame.

sequined said...

I'll bet even average-sized black guys feel insecure in the face of this stereotype. But on the other hand, penis is penis.

sid said...

What? It's just a stereotype? You mean not all black men actually have ...

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

i once went on a date long time ago with a guy who asked me and i quote "do asian women really have sideway vaginas?"

i didn't know how to answer that. all i could say was that he wasn't ever going to find out, atleast not from me and ended my date.

i can't date anyone that stupid.

ex-tex said...

who doesnt think about big cocks all day? haha

dmbmeg said...

[raises hand]

Le Meems said...

God, now my mind is spinning in all kinds of directions.

Asian race car drivers who not only make it unscathed through the race but win the god damn thing.

Blonde girls from South Carolina, who also are doctors and never use "such as" inappropriately.

Or like



Theres more. I just need to think more about this reverse stereotype deal.

blythe said...

well look at that.

Crackpot Press said...

I was once at the roulette table at Fundraising Monte Carlo Night.

A drunk gal walks up to the table and whatever the roulette version of the croupier says "Can I get you anything?"

She states quite confidentially " I need a 13 inch Black cock!!!"

I took this as a sign from God took my three remaining chips and placed them all 13 Black.

And I hit it.

True Story.

Boo said...

You know what is awesome? When stereotypes aren't true. Like when I dated this Asian guy. I was totally expecting the...expected, you know? But I got a huge surprise.

I know you like what I just did there.

Diva said...

This is too funny!

Small penises get this "oh isn't the little one cute, oh yes he is," In the best baby voice I can imitate!

Sara said...

First guy I ever nailed: black man with toddler penis. I never thought about small black cock again. So maybe what you need to do is... um, maybe not.

mindy said...

Hi. It's me. Remember me? From the internets? Well, hi. I just wanted to tell you that I think it's real lousy how you've just disappeared.

Come back. Thanks.

mindy said...


April said...

now's not the size that matters...LMAO

Manny said...

I can totally email you the link to your blog if you misplaced it...just sayin'.

Rusty said...

Fight the power!

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yeah., dont judge.. u'l never know whats his package may be...

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