Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tater Tots and the French

Why is it that tater tots are universally similar in size, shape, color and taste, yet french fries vary from restaurant to restaurant. If I go in to a Coney Island in Poughkeepsie, FL I know my order of tots will taste exactly the same as those of my local burger joint. Sure, sometimes the tots are undercooked for overcooked slightly, but overall pretty universal. I think I have the answer to this age-old question. It is because the "tot" industry is not controlled by the French as is the "fry" industry. If it were, we would be getting all kinds of hokey, half baked (no pun) versions of tots - like "crinkle cut" tots or "tot wedges" or "waffle tots". Damn the French and their "French Fry Mafia".

UPDATE: I was just informed by an interested reader that in Australia, the tater tots are known as "potato gems". My God, you have to appreciate the Aussies and their sense of histrionics.

By the way - to my many readers in the United Kingdom (or "U.K." as I like to call Her) - what are the tots known as there?

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