Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lunch Plans

I want to eat at a little Greek diner downtown, but I don't know the best way to pronounce 'Gyro.'

I polled the office, and received four different proposed pronunciations. The ordering pressure is too great. Maybe I'll just get a slice of pizza.

In other news, I invited Jason, Susan and Jamie over on Friday night. I am going to remove the trashcan from the bathroom, and see how things go down. "Go down" was a little pun there. Get it?

In related news, I think Jason's Susan thinks I have a thing for Jamie now because I specifically invited Jamie over. I couldn't tell Jason the plan because he might tell Susan. You can't trust men when it comes to keeping secrets from their girlfriend/wife. Women have a way of getting secrets out of you. They have secret super powers (I suspect the secret super powers have something to do with the vagina). Women are all like Wonder Woman and her Lasso of Truth. (Except it is more like the Vagina of Truth). Whatever. I'll end now because the post is getting exponentially more stupid by the word.


New Texan said...

You can't ask a group of Texans that questions...

The correct pronunciation is "eehroh"... kind of like "hero" but with just a trace of "h" sound.

I know this because when I was in grad school in Columbia SC, there was a Greek place nearby that offered free soda drinks if you pronounced Gyro correctly. Needless to say, that is ample motivation for a penniless grad student.

TK said...

I always thought it was "yeehroh". There was a sign in the Greek place I used to go to that said, in huge letters, "It's better when you say Yee-roh!".

I've found that not to be true.

Garrett Reid said...

Texan: Someone suggested that pronunciation this afternoon. Then someone said that was incorrect, that it was just pronounced like "hero." I usually have a policy of not trusting Carolinians, but I'll think about an exception.

TK: I already have two different suggestions. Maybe I should just mumble the first sentence.

Kristin said...

I'm with NT on the pronounciation.. but you could just wear your gay shoes and they'll just nod and smile if you get it wrong... afterall, Greek men and their fascination with... nm, I'm not going to finish this sentence.

A Lover and a Fighter said...

I think its pronounced "yeeroh." And I live in greekville. So you should believe me.

I read your last paragraph a little too quickly and skipped a few words and ended up with an image in my head of a Vagina with a Lasso of Truth, which was pretty awesome, because if my vagina could lasso, there's no telling what else she could do- card tricks, knit, ventriloquism- and then I could retire and let my vagina travel the road with her act and I'd never have to work again.

Joie de Vivre said...

Gyro = Gee-roh. At least thats how i pronounced it when i was in Greece. But then i say ouzo "ohnozo"

I heart how my puss is sometimes the vagina of truth, but sometimes its the pit of all lies too. ew, did i just say 'pit' and 'my puss' in same sentence?

Garrett Reid said...

Kristin: Thanks for the advice. Do you think I can get free food with gay shoes? Because, if so, I will totally get a pair and head to McDonald's right now.

L&F: It is possible I have seen a ventriloquist vagina. Yours can't do that?

Joie: I don't care what you say with it. I just like it when you say puss.