Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Is Me Stalling

I promise to provide a semi-lucid post today regarding Friday's poop-girl antics. I started writing it last night, but just could not finish it because I got tired. (That should read: I couldn't find any good porn on the internet so I had to turn to my much-loved stock of Blair from The Facts of Life photos, and subsequently fell asleep dreaming of Blair's flowing golden hair.)

In the mean time, I give to you The Funniest Thing to Ever Be in a Movie:


New Texan said...

The girl who won't flush was the story that hooked me on this blog... get that new post up there!

A Lover and a Fighter said...


Anne said...

Come on with the poop story!

TK said...

Goddamnit, I wanna know if my plan worked! Did she shit in the shower? I'm quivering with anticipation. Also, I should get out more.

Joie de Vivre said...

its so obvious you shagged her and now cos of the fabulous sex, you are able to overlook the loo-poo paper in the bin thang. just tell us, we won't laugh.

Garrett Reid said...

New Texan: So f-ing sorry. Would you prefer that I wrote all poop-related stories from here on out. Because I could do that.

L&F - I heard racism was in style this year. 2007 is to racism as 1997 was to Swing Dancing. Am I wrong?

Anne: Only because you have a crush on me will I be kind about you bossing me.

TK: You DO need to get out a little more.

Joie: I feel pretty certain that you all would laugh. But I didn't "shag" her. I might have though, with no fewer than 3 more beers.