Thursday, February 15, 2007

All About Me

I have been receiving many, many e-mails about what I am like in "real life." I understand, people want to know more about what it is to be me. Some want to know what I was like in my "rock star" days. It's a little embarrassing to talk about really. First, I hate to use the phrase "rock star." I mean, sure, I was adored by millions for a short while. However, it's simply an exaggeration to call me a "star." Chris Martin is a rock star, not me. The person who wins that American Idol show will immediately ascend the throne of rock stardom. I am just a guy who used to play for crowds of hundreds of thousands. Secondly, I don't like to talk about those days very much. As a role model for thousands of school aged children in Mozambique, I cannot advocate the lifestyle of Quaaludes and Playboy magazines that I lived then. Third, I cannot talk about it because of the gag orders in the legal proceedings currently pending against me in the States of Nebraska, Wisconsin or Rhode Island (not to mention the one from the Dominican Republic). Fourth, I don't want to talk about it here because you can read about it in my upcoming book and VH1 special, "Please don't stab me and steal my guitar. . . again (One rock star's struggle against madness and venereal disease)" -- We are tweaking the title.

But for those of you that insist: I have enclosed for your viewing pleasure a taste of what it was like to be me. Here I am performing in Cincinnati in 1970. Some will say that I copied my performing style off of Iggy Pop. This I vehemently deny. Sure we have the same taste in women and an affinity for shirtless androgyny. The difference is obvious though. I know how to rock. Some say that's all I know. I Rock. Rock N Roll. With a capital "N". That's right.


TK said...

Wow. You can really shake your groove thing for a white boy. By the way, I'm glad to see you're finally getting the help you so desperately need -

A Lover and a Fighter said...

When you were in Mozambique, did you meet Teresa Heinz Kerry?

Garrett Reid said...

TK: Thanks. I do what I can with what God has given me. And that other fucking G.R. He is really screwing things up for all of us Garrett Reid's out there.

L & F- We didn't exactly travel in the same circles. She was the daughter of a Portugese doctor (and presumably spoke Portugese), and I was really, really ridiculously rich and famous. So not really. Although I did date her younger sister, Becca, and I used to take her brother Corky for rides on my sailboat.

Winter said...

So this blog is all about the hotness..