Monday, October 16, 2006

My Drunken Weekend

I swear to God you folks are killing me with the incessant e-mails about when am I going to tell the story, how long until I post, and on and on and on. I do have a small life outside of this thing and reading other people’s things. I seriously have received at least 2 e-mails about the post. Anyway. Sorry for the delay, but I found a website with every original Nintendo game online for free playing. Awesome.

As you surmised I drank some this weekend. Well, “some” is not really the right way to describe it. You know that one Nicholas Cage movie where he plays the guy that drinks himself to death. Well that was me. Only I wasn’t hanging around a hooker the whole movie, it wasn’t in Vegas and I didn’t die in the end. It all began on Wednesday when some friends said they were getting together and going to our college town for some drinking, debauchery, decadence and some other cool word that I can’t think of which starts with ‘D’ that means roughly the same thing as those others. Hotel rooms were booked. Alcohol was purchased. Driving plans were made. Road trip was on. Let me just say that I am not proud of the things that I have done. But what is done is done. I can’t take them back now. All I can do is tell you all about it so you can laugh at me as my best friends in the world have done.

As I lay in my little bed on Wednesday night dreaming of good times, I devised two goals for the weekend. 1) Drink - a lot. 2) Do my best to have the sexual relations. If number 2 failed, I at least wanted to either make out with a hot girl that was a little out of my league (most are) or achieve orgasm in a way that didn’t involve my hand and a circa 1992 photo of Kristi Yamaguchi.

Let me just get right to the good stuff because this post is already too long and I have lost most of you I am sure. So, we got there we looked around the campus. I don’t think I have been there in 7 years. Some things changed, some stayed the same. You get the F-ing point. Then we hit the bar. The same bar that I hit for four of the best years of my life. If there is one piece of wisdom that I would like to pass on to the next generation below me it is this: Don’t ever, ever leave college. College involves very little real responsibility, much sex, much drinking and sleeping until noon on days when you don’t have class. Could there be any better life than that?

Much like every small college town, this bar had a drink special. They had these 24 ounce cups that they were selling full of nasty cheap beer for $2. That’s pretty unheard of I think. I, at once, slunk into predator/neanderthal mode. Must get as much beer as possible before it runs out. I bought three immediately. This damaged the lady prospects some since I was carrying around three gigantic plastic cups with both hands, and looked like a complete idiot. We couldn’t find a place to land so I was stuck holding those three beers for about half an hour. When I tried to drink from one, the other two would slightly spill, getting my hands and sleeves wet. Classy, I know. So I drank. And I drank. And I drank. Goal Number 1 in the bag. Unfortunately the harder I hit Goal Number 1 the harder it was to hit Goal number 2. This was fully realized by me when I was standing around my group of friends (consisting of three other guys and two girls - one girl was the wife of one guy and one girl was the girlfriend of the other guy - got all that?) and I was trying to convince them of my attractiveness to the opposite sex. Finally I decided to demonstrate said attractiveness by baring my ass, giving it a little slap and proclaiming, “what lady wouldn’t want some of this?!” This was after my 6th beer, at approximately 1:00. They turned on the lights 45 minutes later, after I had attempted to drink the beer in the bar dry.

As my friends led me out, I think I was saying to women, “I am Leo DiCaprio. I am fucking movie star!” At the time it seemed kind of funny since I, in no way, resemble Mr. DiCaprio. So as we got to my car, and I proclaimed how much I love my car - I vomited on my car. Yes, it’s a lovely site to see a man completely humiliate himself in front of his closest friends. Normally, I am not one for huge hangovers. This day was the exception. I began heaving and did not stop until the heretofore mentioned McDonald’s incident.

I did not achieve goal two, nor either of the fallback goals. Sad really. However, the highlight of the evening came when we all got back to the hotel. As we (the group minus one couple who had left earlier) ate some Taco Bell on the way to our rooms we paused before we went to our separate rooms. It was then that we heard something. We stopped. We listened. We strained our hears. There it was, coming from room 417. “Mmmmmm. [Pause] Mmmmmm [Pause] Mmmmm, Oh My God. Mmmmmm.” You get the point. We heard the sounds of sex. 417 belonged to the missing couple. What we heard was my friend Justin and his girlfriend having the sex. More importantly, we heard Justin’s girlfriend enjoying the sex. My first thought was “good for him, he is making a woman moan. Fucking lucky bastard.” Then a second thought crossed my mind, Justin had given me his second key earlier so that I could run back up to his room to get beer we forgot. It was then that I devised my evil genius plan. I was going to accidently walk in on them. Brilliant. Hilarious. Brilliant.

I communicated the plan, and got the go ahead from the others. The plan was for me to pretend that I thought it was my room, and they were following me in for some reason (we really didn’t get that far). What I saw was one of the funniest sights I have ever witnessed. Justin wearing nothing but a pair of socks. His girlfriend on top of him. Justin’s hands tied behind his head with some kind of scarf and both of them with a look of horror on their faces, looking at four drunk people in their doorway. The joy I felt in that moment will likely never be surpassed.

So that was Saturday night into Sunday morning. I sill hurt. I am exhausted. But it was all worth it because I got to drink heavily and see two people having sex. Maybe my life is complete now.


A Lover and a Fighter said...

1) Leonardo DiCaprio is the most androgenous celebrity I can think of.

2) Boys are so weird. I would NEVER try to walk in on my friend having sex with her bf. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'd giggle like a goon when I heard it. I'd probably actually call the room with a series of really bad prank calls featuring people with accents. But walking in on them accidentally on purpose? Not sure I'd do it.

Garrett Reid said...

L & F: Leo is androgenous? Really? I thought the women loved him. I am not really sure why I picked him for my antics, but I suspect it was not because of Gilbert Grape. (nor later years Growing Pains)

NEVER? In all caps, NEVER? wow. Prank calls never entered my mind. The girl there wanted to shout things from the hallway like, "hey do you mind keeping the fuck-noises down." Which actually is pretty funny. Rest assured there was an abundance of goon giggling, but the look on their faces was seriously priceless. Guess boys are weird, but prank calls don't amount to seeing naked girl on top of friend.

A Lover and a Fighter said...

I am 100% lady, and I do NOT love him.

And I can begrudgingly see your point about checking out a naked lady on top of your friend.

And who am I kidding? After enough Jaeger, I'll do pretty much anything. I am very susceptible to suggestion. It's why I sometimes buy things off of the TV.

Random Musings Of My Life said...

AHHAA I found out the
Ok thanks for the link I will link you when I find time...
Oh and the walking in on friends os priceless. Nothing else makes more sense than that, really. Way back in the day while drunk of my ass of coarse I actaully climbed into bed with them because I was standing in the hall and it was taking too.. hey wait good blog material.. Oh and I watched his "oral" technique once too, my argument was they were "technically" in my bed so fair game..
Wow that makes me sound like a

Anne said...

You know..I went through that OMG I love Leo during the Titanic days..but then I hated him because he wasnt cool..but now Im a fan again. I just watched Departed and he kicked some ass and looked cute doing it.

One of my biggest fantasies is seeing my best friend having I would definitely walk in. Walk in and then get it hopefully. :)

Garrett Reid said...

L & F - (Note to self - after enough Jaeger she will do anything - very susceptible to suggestion) (Second note to self - 100% lady; Perfect)

Random Musings: Thanks for finally coming over here. Great story. You've got some big ovaries to walk right on in and climb in bed. How was the oral technique?

Anne: I thought Leo wasn't cool during Titanic days, but cool after.
Fantasies of seeing your best friend having the sex. This is exactly the reason I started this blog, to hear things like that. Fantastic. Fan-fucking-tastic.

Anonymous said...

More importantly, what is the URL for the Nintendo games site your mentioned?

Garrett Reid said...

Ryan: Thanks for the comment. The link: vNES

I have been rocking Super Mario Brothers every night. Also, I found out that I still kick ass at Tecmo Bowl.